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Jules Levin

On 4/18/2011 10:46 AM, Debbi Schaubman wrote:
I have uploaded a photograph to ViewMate and would greatly appreciate whatever
information people can provide. Family stories say that this photo is of my ggf,
Dawid SZAUBMAN/SZOBMAN/SCHAUBMAN, who served in the Russian Army during the Russo-
Japanese War (1905).I'd like to know if the uniform matches what would be worn by
a Russian soldier during that time. I'd also like to know what, if anything, is
revealed about his rank.

I have looked at the photo, but I have some thoughts of a general interest. On the
theory that this kind of question can be answered through on-line research, I have
been googling. Apparently Amazon is selling a book with pictures of Russian
historic uniforms. If Amazon is selling it, major libraries in the US and
elsewhere should have copies. Also, I am on another list devoted to Slavic
studies. There are over 3000 scholars on the list, many in the former USSR. I
once posed a question re someone's uniform picture and a librarian at an American
university agreed to look at the picture, and wrote a detailed analysis. I am
mentioning all this to suggest that interpreting uniforms is not the same as
recognizing individual faces in an old photo; there are resources out there
available to individual members of Jewishgen. If a nearby university has a Russian
historian on the faculty, s/he might welcome seeing the photo and identifying the
uniform. Now as to Ms. Schaubman's young man. The 2 stripes on each shoulder
board are significant. But I was also impressed with the carefully trimmed and
upswept moustaches. Would a mere private try to look so dashing? So perhaps our
soldier was a corporal or sergeant (could Jews rise higher by the Russo-Japanese
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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