JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Adding search names to end of posts #general

Robert Fraser

Both (and other techniques) are valid and of great value. I've frequently been
contacted by fellow researchers who read my researching list in the footer of my

The FTJP, the JGFF are also of great value to 'draw in' other researchers.

Chag sameach

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia
NOWAK; Moravia, Austria, USA and the world: EISINGER; Moravia, Vienna, USA and the
world NAGEL; Moravia, Vienna, New York: FINKELSTEIN; Galicia, Vienna

It seems to me that putting a few surnames and cities at the end of a post is a
rather meager way of helping other. A far superior method would be to put your
entire tree into the "Family Tree of the Jewish People" on JewishGen where it
can be easily searched.
Ken Arbit

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