Transliteration assistance in Viewmate please #austria-czech


I have posted 2 photos, of a death and a birth registration, >from those
recently-released wonderful Moravian records.
My Kurrent/Suetterlin is getting better, but I am not up to the mark yet!

I am trying better to understand the very difficult circumstances of my 2x
Great Grandfather Abraham CHAT, who was left looking after 8 sons, >from 2 to
11 years old, when his wife Katherina died of a stroke at the age of 41 in
He re-married, not quite 6 months after the death of Katherina, but things
went on going downhill. 15 and 20 months after the wedding his 2 youngest
sons died. His only daughter by his second wife was born in between these
tragic events. But she survived only to the age of 7 months. And to cap it
all, Abraham himself died just 18 months later.

Viewmate ID 23726 at
Following the death of his first wife, my 2x great Grandfather, Abraham CHAT
married a second time in 1852. This image is of the marriage register,
but I am not sure of the name of the wife and cannot read the notes in the last 3
columns. Please can you transliterate these parts?

Viewmate ID 23727 at
This is the record of the birth of my 2x great Grandfather's only child by
his second marriage and I am unsure of my reading of this entry. Please help
by transliterating
- the name of the child (Fani?);
- the occupation of my ggGrandfather (Mahlhaendler?) and
- the note that follows (The daughter died in April 1854, Abraham died in
November 1855, so I don't understand the reference to 1856);
- the name of the mother geb. Betti Hansel von Eibenschitz in Mahren, who at
their wedding was shown as Peppie (in Latin characters)

If I am going to find out more about how the family fared, I need to
correctly understand the surviving step-parent's name!

Thank you for any help

Tom Heinersdorff
London, UK
e tom.heinersdorff@...
CHAT Neu Rausnitz/Rousinov, Budapest , Graz , Vienna ( Czech Republic ,
Hungary , Austria )
RECHNITZER Kormend, Graz , Idaho , San Francisco ( Hungary , Austria , USA )
MENZEL Vienna , London , Melbourne , Diekirch, ( Austria , UK , Australia ,
Luxembourg )
STRASSMANN Bzenec, Graz , Voitsberg ( Slovakia , Austria )
NEUMANN Hungary , Graz , Vienna ( Hungary , Austria )
COHNER Graz , Vienna ( Austria)
TOFFLER Vienna, USA (Austria & USA)
TILLER Vienna (Austria)
FOGES Vienna (Austria)
HEINERSDORFF Breslau/Wroclaw (Poland)
PRINZ Breslau/Wroclaw (Poland)
FRIEDLAENDER Berlin (Germany)
SCHULZKE Potsdam (Germany)
FRANZ Berlin (Germany)
BOLTE Laufendreen, Dortmund (Westfalen, Germany)

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