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Dear Jgeners,
When my grand-father was close to 100 year old, I (at last) asked him for
the names of his grand-parents. He had left Warszaw aged 19 and had
absolutely no interest in the past.
His reply (or what I understood) was Zlate and Pichke. Although my g-father
had all his mind, my father is sure that he gave whatever crossed his mind
and it is a useless piece of information. Nevertheless, I can figure out
that Zlate is an existing femal first name. But what about Pichke?
Thank you for any clue

Marc Ryszfeld
Paris, France

Searching RYSZFELD (RISHFELD), (Warszaw); DON (Zaislai/Vilno), STOCZYK
(Warszaw), CHAYETTE (France)

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