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Gary Gershfield

Hello to all,
I came across a mysterious probate record >from 1962 filed in the Bronx.
The probate record was not a will, but a Letter of Administration filed by
the deceased's sister indicating that there was no known will.

What is shocking is that it reads that the deceased left no children,
indicating that the estate should be divided among the sister and her children.

The deceased did indeed have 2 sons (same surname): 17 years old and 11
years old, living with their mother in the Bronx. The deceased had separated
from the mother, but was in contact with both sons, and visited them regularly.
Would there be any other type of record that I can search for? Has anyone
ever encountered a relative having 2 probate records?

In other words, could a relative have filed a Letter of Administration in
one borough, while there was actually another probate record (a Will) somewhere

I would be grateful for some leads, and some experiences. Thank you.

Gary Gershfield
New York

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