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Josie Barnett

The Disna District Research Group of Litvaksig is a small research
group with an interest in places, some of which are outside of modern
day Lithuania; in fact I believe that today they are all part of
Belarus. The Towns and Shtetls that we cover include: Bildziugi,
Disna, Druya, Germanovici, Glubokoye, Golubicy, Leonpol, Luzhek,
Plisa, Postovy and Sharkovschina...

Our most recent project has been the 1834 Revision List with the
translations for Sharkovschina and Druya having just been completed.
Disna, Plisa and Postavy are still in the pipeline and we hope to
complete them shortly.

For further information you may contact me at hedakal@... and
I will do my best to help.

Josie Barnett
Disna District Coordinator

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