Re: Weissensee cemetery [FILM CITE] #germany

Heinz Radde <radde@...>

For those who are interested:
There is a beautiful film about the cemetery Weissensee (88 minutes,
in German) "Unter der Erde, im Himmel - Juedischer Friedhof
Weissensee", first broadcasted by the German-French TV station arte
in 2012.
I have a copy for private use.

Regards, Heinz Radde in Zurich,

" Vivian Salama writes that 'The Weissensee Cemetery has all the documents
of people buried there. One can contact them for information.'"

" Actually this is no longer the case. They are no longer researching email
enquiries. They will tell you to contact the Centrum Judaicum. " Judith Elam <>

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