Seraching REDLICH from Hannover / Germany around 1700 - 1720 #germany

Friedhelm Redlich <redlich@...>

Dear List members,

I am new and writing you >from Germany.
I have done family research for some years and have a family tree with
nearly 2.000 persons on MyHeritage.

On my father's paternal tree I have:

Christian Gottlieb REDLICH, born 1719 He became a baker in Bremen.
My grandfather in the 4th degree.
He got the "civil rights" in the German town of Bremen on October
3rd 1749 and claimed to come >from Hannover / Germany (town or duchy?)
and to be a "proselyte".
(In general the word "proselyte" explains a Jew who has changed to
a Christian religion)
This fact is proven by original documents in the archives of Bremen.

By a DNA test I have even more indications that I have Jewish ancestors.

Until now I could not find further connections to any Jewish family
named REDLICH or / and coming >from the Hannover area.
I have no experience how to do research in Jewish genealogy.

Any hints / support and help is very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot. Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grussen

Friedhelm Redlich, 48165 Muenster - Germany

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