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Janette Silverman <jsilverman@...>

My question is: How did name changes in Galicia take place and are
there any documents on >name changes?
Henry Wellisch

Although I don't know how name changes were made or the process that a
person went through to do this, I can tell you something of how they are
recorded in records at least in Tarnipol, which of course cannot be
assumed to be generic for all of Galicia. Two years ago I visited
several archives in Ukraine, among them Ternipil. One thing I noted as
I examined records was a notation on some records that a name had been
changed and what the new name was. It was clear that the notations were
made years after the original record, and were written by a different
person because the changes were dated and the handwriting was different.

Janette Silverman
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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