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Howard Margol

The first group of Klaipeda (formerly Memel) internal passport records
have been translated. It consists of only 28 records but they do include
some very important information. Many more records remain to be translated.

The Klaipeda Internal Passports include the I.P.'s issued >from 1917-1940.
In 1919, Memel and the Memel region were cut off >from Germany. In
accordance with the Versailles Treaty, the Allies ruled this area with a
unit of the French Army headed by a French general.

On January 10, 1923 the Lithuanian army entered Memel and its region, and
replaced the French Army. On February 16, 1923 the Allies approved
Lithuanian's sovereignty over Memel and the region. Lithuania ruled the
Memel region >from 1923-1939.

In December 1938, during elections to the local Parliament, the local
German Nazis received 26 out of 29 seats, as a result of which the city
became in fact a part of the German Reich. On the 22nd of March 1939 the German
army entered Memel and the city and region were officially annexed to

The Jewish files appear to be >from the late 1920's to the middle of the
1930's. It is clear that people needed documents under whatever power they
have been living, but what were the differences between the IP of
1919-1923 and 1923-1939 I'm not sure of at this time. Perhaps in the documents of
the period 1919-1923 Lithuanian language was not used in the documents. I do
know that most of the documents are written in German.

Also you'll observe that there are many "Second Internal Passport
Applications". Klaipeda region was under specific regulation during the
inter war period and issued their own internal passports, people who came >from
other parts of Lithuania and already had a valid Internal Passport, had to apply
for a new one.

To receive the Memel - Klaipeda internal passports that have been
translated, as well as those that will be translated in the future, please
make a contribution of $100. Go to
Scroll down to Lithuania internal passports, 1919-1940.
You can use your credit card as the site is secure. If you send me an
email message about your contribution, I can send you the records within a day
or two. Otherwise, it could be six to eight weeks before JewishGen notifies
me of your contribution.

Howard Margol
Founder-Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

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