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Michael Waas


I was wondering if anyone knew the origin of the surname RABBENO? I
know that it refers to "Our teacher" but I am curious to know more
about this family. I am familiar with Nardo Bonomi's website on the
Italian Jews and the surname seems to only come up in the Tuscany
area. The reason I ask is I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why my
mother's family REBI, who are confirmed as being citizens of Tuscany
(under the Tuscan protection in the Ottoman Empire), don't have a
surname that shows up at all in the communal archives. I know that to
receive this protection, one had to live in Livorno/Tuscany post 1591
for a period of time. For a community with extensive records dating
back to just after, I find it incredulous that there wouldn't be at
least some mention of the family. For the record REBI means "My
Teacher", hence why I think there may be a connection.


Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

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