English translation of the 587 page Jebenhausen and Goeppingen Jewish community history is now available on line. SITE CITE #germany

John Paul Lowens <JPLowens@...>

In mid-November I reported that an English translation of the monumental
"History of the Jews Residing in Jebenhausen and Goeppingen
By Dr. A. Taenzer - Rabbi in Goeppingen was being provided by GerSIG
veteran Steve Weil of Chicago and would soon be available for reading,
key word searching and download as a PDF file.

The translation is now on line at:


A click on the book title or on the icon to the left of the title will
let you display and download the entire book as a pdf.

*** All of the community history sections of the PDF file
are searchable by key words. ***

However, another part of the book, the family charts section called
"Pedigrees of the following Families:" was not translated but copied
from the 1927 German version. Those pedigrees and charts are included
as graphic images of those pages. That means the content of those pages
is not machine readable, i.e. cannot be word searched.

According to LBI Director of Research and Chief Archivist Dr. Frank
Mecklenburg, "The other shortcoming is that the pagination
[of the English version] does not correspond to table of contents."

Goeppingen (Goppingen - O umlaut) is at 48 : 042' N - 09 : 40' E
107.3 miles SSE of Frankfurt am Main. It is slightly
southeast of Stuttgart. A list of other Jewish communities located
within 10 miles including Jebenhausen is at:
Steve Weil of Chicago, Illinois, is a charter member of GerSIG who was
active in German Jewish research long before our SIG was organized in
1998. He was part of the group that founded the journal "Stammbaum".

Mr Weil has spearheaded and supported the complete translation of Dr.
Aron Tenzer's 1927 History of the Jewish Community of Jebenhausen and
Goeppingen (updated in 1988).

Steve's single handed oversight and funding of the project is an important
contribution to the genealogy field, and good example for us all.
GerSIG joins Dr. Mecklenburg and Karen Franklin at LBI in thanking Steve
for his extremely generous contribution of work and financing to this endeavor.

3 German language editions of the book are also available at
The Leo Baeck Institute. Search for them via: https://www.lbi.org/

The German version of the book is listed in the GerSIG Community
Histories bibliography at:

Die Geschichte der Juden in Jebenhausen und Goeppingen
Aron Taenzer 1871-1937.
Berlin : W. Kohlhammer, 1927. 1927 573 pages
Available at Leo Baeck Institute Library (DS 135 G4 J4 T3 / Copy 2)

With many thanks to Steve Weil, John Paul Lowens for GerSIG

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