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Joan A. Baronberg

Dear JGenners,

In noting Susana Bloch's request for volunteer webpage help for the
ShtetLinks pages, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and
thank Susana and her team for all the fantastic work they do to make
ShtetLinks such a tremendous resource for so many. Can you imagine
life without ShtetLinks?!
Susana and her team have contributed so much to saving and recording
important information and memories, to adding to the historical
record, to helping us all understand geography and its impact on the
life of our ancestors, and to so many people's personal research.
If you haven't looked around at the various shtetl pages, give it some
of your time and you will find an amazing trove of information and
inspiration. Susana's work is truly a gift and a monumental
accomplishment. Thank you!

Joan Baronberg, Denver CO
Suchostaw, Slobodka bei Strusow, Ukraine

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