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Pamela Weisberger

I've posted an image >from a 1920 census record in which a town name
was written, and then crossed out and is difficult to read.

I am trying to identify the name of the town listed under "place of
birth" on the top line. In the second line, the town of "Odessa"
appears, easily readable.
(The town names were crossed out because the census taker only needed
the country of birth - Russia.)

Due to the strike-through, however, I can't decipher the other town
name where both parents of the children were born. Looks like Vallina,
Vabbina, Vallona -- none of which make sense. I believe that this
family (with the surnames KIPNIS, KIPNESS and GRUNBERG/GRINBERG,
originally lived in the Zaslav, Nikolayev area before moving to

Any thoughts? Here is the direct link:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application..and thanks!

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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