INTRO - Seek guide for a research travel in Germany. Researching Families From Kassel, Lisberg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Schluechtern, Eppelsheim, Hainsfarth, etc. #germany

William Meyers <bpmeyers@...>

Hello: My name is William Meyers II (Bill) and I Just joined the Group.
My wife and I are going to Germany this Spring in mid-May for a
convention in Bremen and, after that, are renting a car to drive south
through Hannover, Kassel, to the Bamberg, Fuerth and Nuremberg areas
ending our trip in Munich.

We plan to stay a couple of days in each area and are interested in
finding someone local who speaks English and might be willing to act
as a guide for us. We would like to see the Jewish areas and old parts
of the towns that existed in the early to mid-1800s when our families
emigrated to come to America, if there is anything remaining or rebuilt.

I'm sorry to say we are Reform Jews and don't speak Hebrew, Yiddish or
German but if we were to visit a cemetery or cemeteries it would be good
if our guide could interpret inscriptions for us, prticularly if they
relate to our families.

I Have been doing genealogy for many years though I'd probably be
considered an intermediate researcher. I have identified the birth
and death dates of all my grandparents, great grandparents and most
of my great, great grandparents including those of my wife's family.

My immediate goal is to add at least one more generation to each line
to the extent possible. I understand this will likely involve accessing
records in Germany or records that have been scanned and brought to the
US or are on line.

Family names and town they left to come to America of interest are:
MEYERS - Lisberg/Bamberg, KIngdom of Bavaria; GOODMAN - Lisberg/Bambrg
LOWENSTEIN - Peckelsheim/Hannover, Niedersachsen; KAHN - Shluechtern,
Grand Duchy of Baden; LEVY - Schluechtern; KUHN - Niederhochstadt,
Rhinelnd Pfalz; SCHWARZ - Kaiserslautern, Rhineland Pfalz;
HAHN - Eppelsheim/Flomborn; BERG - Springberg/ Schneidermuhl, Prussia;
HEIMAN - Ichenhausen, Bavaria; HEILBRONNER -Bavaria;
SALLER and GERSON - Kassel, Hessen; ERLANGER - Fuerth; NEWBURGER - Nuremberg;
GOLDMAN - Burgebrach; OBERDORFER- Hainsfarth; LICHTEN -Hohenzolleren,
Hechingen, Baden, Wuerttemberg; WALTER and PLOESCH - Nuremberg, Kingdom
of Bavaria; and LEWIS (LOUIE)(LEVI) - Wuerzburg, Kingdom of Bavaria

We'll appreciate any help that is offered.

Bill Meyers, Suburban Baltimore, MD

MODERATOR NOTE: Welcome to GerSIG! You should enter all the above names
and towns in the JGFF.
Please use the GerSIG Archives to help preparing for your research visits
to your ancestral towns. Among the veteran GerSIG members are experts on
Ichenhausen (Dr. Adam Yamey) and on Bamberg and other towns nearby.
The late Dr. Michael Bernet, GerSIG's most prolific contributor, posted
advice for research visits to some of the places you're interested in.
Try this link to one of these- >from 2001-;5
also, dated but still helpful:

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