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Odeda Zlotnick

Hi Rob - and others who may be confused by this issue: Yiddish sounds like German
at times, but those letters you posted Rob, are not in German. It is a Yiddish,
speaker, possibly attempting to bridge a language gap by using Latin letters.
In German, the word for "from" sounds like "fon", German uses the letter "V" for
the "f" sound, and therefore would have the word written as "von". Your letter is
sprinkled with "fon" or "foon" (short "oo" like in "foot"). The syntax is not
German either -one can really hear the Yiddish speaker come through. The German
"and" is "und". This person uses the Yiddish "in" for "and". Page 2 : "Habe
rechmunes" is Yiddish. "Rechmunes" is a Yiddish word coming >from the Hebrew
"Rachmanut" - pity. No German speaker would even understand the term, unless he
also happened to speak Yiddish.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel

Rob Weisskirch <>
A kind person let me know that what I was told was Yiddish is, in fact, German.

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