Re: 1,267 Names starting with M ... have been indexed. THANK YOU! #germany

Barbara Algaze

Dear Peter:

Mazel Tov on reaching the age of 86 and still being so productive.
You are a role model for the rest of us.

May you have a total of 120 healthy and active years.

Barbara Algaze, Los Angeles, California Algaze3@...

Peter Lande wrote:
On the occasion of my 86th birthday, I have completed indexing 1,267 names
from the Reichsvereinigung collection where the family name begins with the
letter M. This joins previous indexing for the letters A-L, all of which
are available on Steve Morse's website under Jewish Roof Organizations, and
which will also be available on on Jewishgen. While the registrants resided
in Germany 1939-1942, they were born as early as the 1840s and originated
widely, >from Alabama and New York to Odessa.

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