Re: and The Museum of the Jewish People Announce A Strategic Partnership #usa

Barbara Algaze

Thank you to Avraham Groll, Jewish Gen, and the Museum of the Jewish People
for this amazing development.
I do have a few questions about getting to be a part of this database.

1) How will we submit our family tree to the database?
Upload it to the Jewish Gen Family Tree of the Jewish People?
Upload it to the website of The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit
Submit the information via a flash drive?

2) How much of our tree will be available to other researchers?
Birth/Marriage/Death information?
Our notes for each individual?
Living people as well as deceased people?
Alternative names for individuals (old world names vs. American names)?
Census data? Passenger arrival data? Burial location?

Please share more details about this wonderful development as they become
available. Thank you,

Barbara Algaze, Los Angeles, California Algaze3@...

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