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Josh Yellon <jyellon@...>

Hello Everyone,

I'm in need of some help with these files >from the PSA. As of late
I've been learning how to translate files >from Polish.
I have learned quite a bit so far but have a few questions and
complications with these files.

All 5 records are in Polish and >from either Brok or Zareby Koscielne.

First of all in general I'd like a confirmation on dates of events.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.


This death certificate for Mendel Jankielowicz Kryzstal. What I
specifically would like to know is:

a)what is the profession listed after his name.

b)What are the relationships of the two people listed after
his name and what is the name of his wife.


This is a Death Record for Herszk Krysztal. I am confused about
the names following his in the document.

a)I would like to know the word directly after his name.
Looks like Mty.... maybe a profession?
b)I would also like to know the relation of Mordko Judkowicz
and wife Pesi Krysztal. It says son, but then why is he not called
Mordko Herszkowicz? And is Herszk's wife Dyne Leje daughter of Baruch?

3) pg.1 pg.2

This is a Marriage Record for Surenames Krysztal and Glejber. This
record just confuses me. Any help would be great. Names, Dates..


I would like a translation giving me names and dates within this file.

Thank you all.

Josh Yellon

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