Re: Need help locating a Birth certificate #germany

Jan Bousse <janbousse@...>

I looked at the Antwerp immigration records, he is not listed. He must have
come to Antwerpen only to board the Red StarLine vessel Pennland. There
should be passenger records at the Ellis Island site. Robert writes that his
father was born in Frankfurt but does not say or does not know if it is
Frankfurt Main or Frankfurt Oder. The civil records at his exact birth place
should have his birth certificate.

I just looked at Ellis Island, his arrival is listed there. I could not view
the details, it's a long time since I used the site and the terms are
changed. Someone more knowlegeable should find more. I did my best.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium. janbousse@...

Robert Nathan - robert.nathan@... wrote:
Subject: Need help locating a Birth certificate
I would like to have a copy of my fathers birth certificate and
German passport. Robert Eugen Nathan was born in Frankfurt on Dec 11
1911. He immigrated >from Antwerp, Belgium on the ship Pennland, and
arrived in New York City on June 7, 1937. Any suggestions?

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