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David Syner

This is a continuation of my posting back in April.

I finally had a bit of a break though, thank to research done by Judith
Langer-Surnamer Caplan. I learned that Eleazner "Louis" ZINER and Elka KATZ-ZINER
Had also a daughter Jennie SYNER born 1879 married Barney COHEN March 16, 1903 New
York City. According to the 1910 Census they had: David COHEN 23 Harry COHEN 16
Isadore COHEN 12 It's appreaes Jennie died either Feb 1969 or Oct 1969
Barney COHEN died Oct 1965 born May 15, 1875 both living in Brooklyn, NY.

Ring any bells..please contact me
Thanks in advance.

Subject: re: Trying to break thought my 33 year block, SYNER / ZINER
My ggGrandfather Eleazar ZINER come to US in 1881. He was the son of Joshua/
Jeshua/Yehoshua and Chaze/Chaje and born 1849 in Russia. He appears in the NY City
Directory of 1882-86 living at 37 Essex Street, NYC, working as a Teacher at
Talmud Torah 38 Hester. >from 1886/87-1904 in the NY City Directory he has changed
his name to Louis Siner (the same name that reads on his head stone in the
Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, in the Love Of Israel-Congregation Ahavath
Yeshurun / Aahavs (Ahavas) for which the Rev. Ben Siller, 1011 East 28th was the
last listed care taker of this Society). At this time in 1887 Louis is now living
at 40 Ludlow. In addition to be listed as a Teacher he is also listed as Sexton.

*I have his Death Cert. I have been unable to locate his arrival records. But as I
understand it most of those records were destroyed in a fire. I don't know if there
would be voting records that would help. I don't know if there's any records of the
Temple he taught at. Would there be somewhere to learn more about him as a teacher
during his time in the Temple. I would love clues to help uncover more information
so that I can learn where he came >from Russia.

His wife, Elka KATZ-ZINER (parents Meyer KATZ and Malka AVES), born 1840, died soon
after her 1881 arrival in NYC, 1881, in Nov 22, 1885 >from Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
Her headstone was replaced at some point at the Washington Cemetery because it's
smaller and it say she is wife, mother and Grandmother -which to me means it was
replaced after her 'only' son, Isadore (born in 1882, married 1902) had children.
Elka is buried in the same general area as Louis but the cemetery tells me that 4
rows over or so where she is buried is called Solomon Lodge Society.

*I have her death certificate. Otherwise I seem to be at a dead end on where my
search continues with Elka.

Louis and Elka's Son, Isadore, was born at home on March 16, 1882, at Clinton St.,
New York City. He married Rebecca Smaltz November 15, 1904 at 126 Clinton St., New
York City.

*I have searched and searched (as has Judith Caplan) for Isidore's birth record
with no success. I do have a copy of his marriage certificate. There was rumors
that there might have been a brother Morris and a sister Molly.

Lewis remarried, a Annie Bergman (I don't know if Bergman is her 1st married name
or her maiden name) in New York City in 1888 ( I have a copy of the marriage
certificate). Annie was born August 1849 or 1855 in Russia; she immigrated also in
1881. I know nothing more of her after what I found on the 1900 census, that states
Lewis Shiner, age 50, and Annie Shiner, age 45,lived 35 Essex Street NYC with her
son Thomas Bergman, age 20 (born October 1879, also immigrated in 1881) who was
listed as head of house. After Lewis' /Louis' death in 1904 I can't find any
further records on Annie (death, etc.). What became of Thomas Bergman?

*I found a Thomas Bergman in the 1910/20 US census who married a Mollie Goodman.
As of right know that doesn't look like the right Thomas Bergman. The only
marriage Certificate I could find that was close "Toni Bugman" aka Tom Birgman-
Mollie Goodman marriage record, in Brooklyn listed his father's name as Abraham and
his mother's name as Mary Cohen.

Thanks in advance for any clues / help.
'David Syner
Los Angeles, CA

Researching SINER/ZINNER New York, Russia SCHMALTZ / SCHMALZNew York, Detroit
Luna,Grodno, Stoll, Rudman, Carbella ;Russia ( Grodno is now Hrodna, Belarus )
BELENKY / BIELINKA / BELLINSKY Libau, Latvia , Mohilew NEWMAN Detroit
NEIMAN/NUONAW/ PENICA / PENITZ Krasosielc, Poland, Warshaw MELTZER, Detroit,
Katrinslove or Poltavia or Gatrinslove (sp), Russia,

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