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I have been tracking down my great grandmother's BOROVSKY family who lived
in Boston and NYC in the 1890's. There were two brothers who went to NYC -
Theodore and Hyman BROOKS. Hyman was married to a Mamie ROSENBLOM (possible
maiden name) and her sister Stella married another BOROVSKY brother but
lived in Boston. Mamie and Stella ROSENBLOM may have been born in NYC, which
makes them earlier immigrants to the US. The Borovsky's were born in Liebau,
Latvia. I have found in the census, records of a Herman and Mamie BROOKS
and the dates seem to match up. This family is connected to Alexander
BOROVSKY, a pianist, as well as Joe Young and Ruth Brooks, well known
lyricists and relatives might have heard of these people. Herman lived
with his son William after he was widowed in the 1930 census. This Herman
had other children: Murray, Anna and Richard Brooks. I would like to make
contact with anyone >from this family or find out more, to confirm if they are
relatives. As this is a common name, I have had difficulty tracing them by
other means.
Many thanks,Alison Weinstein Dumbell, Northamptonshire, England

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