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Pressman, Mark <PressmanM@...>

To all

I've posted an image of a gravestone in Assens, Demnark of 0my wife's
g-g-g grandfather. It is posted on ViewMate at

Excellent photo by Tom Bronsted posted with his permission.

In the Hebrew there are two abbreviations or perhaps words that I am unable
to translate and don't appear on any published list of Hebrew abbreviations
known to have used on gravestones.

1.On the upper right the first two Hebrew letters appear to be a caf and
a hey. Could this stand for Cohane??
2.At the end of the Hebrew inscription - after the date are 3 letters.
They appear to be bet, hey, lamid. Any ideas what this could mean?

Finally, the date itself. It is written tuf raish. I understand this
is equivalent to 600 - with the addition of the 5000 5600 or 1840-1
in the Gregorian calendar. However, this date is followed by the
abbreviation Lamid-Pe-koof sofit. As I understand it, this abbreviation
indicates the date does not include the millennium. So instead of
inserting 2 characters Hey " to indicate the millennium, the stone carver
instead inserted 3 characters to indicate this was left out.
Any ideas? Perhaps just done to balance out the line as the date only
required 2 letters?

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Mark R. Pressman
Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA

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