JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: NYC Municipal Archives request: Ginandes'/Genandes Marriage to DELMAN #general



You can search the NY Municipal Archive's most now public marriages and
deaths indexes online thanks to the hard work of the NY area Italian and
German genealogy groups:

I can only find what may be Harry's second marriage march 26, 1921 in
the Bronx. The Bronx 1921 marriage certificate number is 1260:

Ginandes Harry Mar 26 1921 Bronx 1260
Rosemarin Lena Mar 26 1921 Bronx 1260

You can order a copy of the marriage certificate >from the NY Municipal
archives. It might confirm it's a second marriage for Harry.

I found no marriage with a Jennie Delman. You should check for yourself
at the above website for both brides and then grooms to confirm my searches.

Could they have married elsewhere, possibly in Westchester County, NY
just above NYC?


arthur siegel <>
If anybody happens to be making a trip to the Municipal Archives in
New York City, would it be possible to request a lookup of a marriage

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