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William Yoffee

The Panevezys District Research Group has posted among its non-shtetl/kehila
specific files on its Shutterfly website a list of 283 cases of Jewsih
properties nationalized under the authority of the newly established
Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (LSSR) in late 1940. The LSSR was
incorporated into the Soviet Union (USSR) on 3 August 1940. Its existance
was interrupted by the Nazi invasion of the USSR on 22 June 1941 until the
Soviet re-occupation in mid-1944 when its staus was restored.

Following new rules, the majority of factories and shops belonging to Jews
were nationalized and commissars were appointed to manage them. The supply
of goods decreased and, as a result, prices soared. The middle class, mostly
Jewish, bore most of the brunt and the standard of living dropped gradually.
The vast majority of the nationalizations took place on 27 September 1940
and the two following days, several in October, November and December and
the last one on 10 January 1941 (incorrectly listed as January 1940). The
nationalized properties were located throughout LSSR, but over 40% were in
Kaunas (city), as could be expected, and just under 10% were in Siauliai. In
the Panevezys District nationalized properties were located in Birzai,
Krekenava, Pakruojis, Radviliskis, Panevezys (town), Pasvalys and Zemelis.

Only 194 of the cases on this list refer to specific businesses. These
appear to be mostly in the retail trades, but also include a number of
manufacturers, agricultural suppliers, storage warehouses and import/export
businesses. There is no designation for 89 cases. It is probable that these
include privately owned homes, some of which contained small shops, and
land. There exists a file for each enterprise or person which contains the
name of the former owner, type of enterprise, names of the commissars of
nationalization, long lists of every item found in the store or warehouse
and a list of debtors. Sometimes there is a letter >from a former owner
requesting permission to live in the nationalized property, supporting the
assumption that some nationalized properties were also used as residences.
The names listed as former property owners were of both men and women.
Everyone on the list had a family registration number.

This list is being shared with all of the LitvakSIG District Research

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Shavuah tov and
Bill Yoffee
Panevezys District Research Coordinator

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