Re: Figure skating history/Martin GORDAN #germany

Naomi Silverton <naomisil@...>

Hello Ryan,
If you look up on for Berlin, Germany Births 1874-1899,
there is a Moritz Rudolf
Martin GORDAN, born 15 October 1876 in Berlin.
His father was Louis GORDAN and his mother Caroline LAMM.
There are also 2 marriage documents for him.
I think this may be the Martin GORDAN you are looking for but my German is
not good enough to translate the documents. Hope this helps.

Naomi Silverton, Australia

Ryan Stevens <N_N_23@...> Wrote:
I've been unable to clearly ascertain a birth or death date for either
Martin GORDAN or Louis GORDAN >from Ancestry/FamilySearch/Geni, let alone
any firm details of his family and I'm kind of at a crossroads with
my research as a result. One modern account lists Martin's birth year
as 1883, but this is uncited and may be incorrect.
Any suggestions as to accessible digitized resources I could consult or
information about Martin or Louis GORDAN would be greatly appreciated.

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