CV-Zeitung SITE CITE - [Possible indexing project.] #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

Dear GerSIGgers,

The CV-ZEITUNG was a weekly journal published in Berlin by the Centralverein
deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens (roughly: Central Association
for German Citizens of the Jewish Faith) >from 1922 until it was forced to
close down following Kristallnacht in November 1938.

Others will no doubt be ahead of me here, but I've only just discovered
that copies of most weekly editions are available online at the Goethe
University Frankfurt Library via:

It's a treasure trove of announcements for Jewish births, engagements,
marriages and deaths, in much the same way as Aufbau which, it could be
argued, became in effect its successor-in-exile >from the 1940s onwards.

The BMD data should be particularly valuable for the 1930s, where hard
information can, in my experience, be somewhat sparse.

Does anyone know whether the CVZ announcements have been indexed, as Alex
Calzareth has done for Aufbau - and, if so, where the details can be

If not, I feel this would be a worthwhile task, and I'd be very happy to
make a start on it. But I don't have an online presence, so for the data
to be generally accessible - if for no other reason - I would need some
input >from others.

I'd be very grateful for comments, suggestions, and offers of help!

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK peterlob@...

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