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I have posted a section of the Death Record on ViewMate - Item # 19973.

It is for my great grandfather, Sandor Gyori, who died on 8 Mar 1934 at age
75. I am looking for a translation of the note in the right column that
clearly mentions both Hirschfeld and Deutschlander surnames.

He was married twice to two sisters. The only last name I have ever found
in the records prior to this is Hirschfeld. First wife, my great
grandmother was Yeanetta Hirschfeld. After she died he married her widowed sister
Julianna Hirschfeld.

Here both his mother's and wife's last name is Deutschlander. I am trying
to figure when the Deutschlander name entered the picture - was Hirschfeld
changed to Deutschlander or the other way around? And if both Sandor's
mother and wives had matching last names, I will need to now find out if he
married a cousin - twice!

The direct link is

Thank you,

Judi Gyory Missel
Mesa, Arizona,

SCHVARCZ - all >from the small towns around Eger, Hungary
GRUNBERGER and LAJZER - Michalovce, Slovakia
GYORI, SINGER - Gyor, Hungary
HIRSCHFELD, WERTHEIM - Nove Zamky, Slovakia

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