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Alexander Sharon

Jeff Malka

Some of my wife's ancestors were RIEDERMAN who at the end of the 19th
century lived in the village of Nagy-Turjaszog, sometimes written just
Turjajog. I have visited the village. Its modern name is Turitza and it
is in the Ung region of the Carpathian mountains of the western Ukraine,
not far >from Perecin. At the time they lived there, Turjajog was still
in Hungary.

I also found a possibly related person bearing the same surname, also
listed as Hungarian Jewish, coming >from Turjajog, Kenngacy. Has anyone
come across "Kenngacy" or know what it might refer to?

You should always consult the scanned copy of the original manifest.

Nagyturjaszog appears there as N.[agy] Turyaszog (not Turjarog), and the
elusive "Kenngacy" is incorrectly transliterated >from "Hungary".
(Lina Riedermann, age 19, saleslady)

BTW, Ukrainian town spelling as adopted by USBGN is shown as modern Turytsia
Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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