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Avram Brickner in Jerusalem, Israel inquired about U.S. naturalization
papers for single and married females.

Most of Avram's questions are answered in the excellent Prologue Magazine
two-part article "Any woman who is now or may hereafter be married . . ."
Women and Naturalization, ca. 1802-1940 By Marian L. Smith at
-1.html [MOD]

For information about a specific person's naturalization, search Ancestry's
U.S. Federal Census Collection. The 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses list
year of immigration, naturalization status (Al=alien, Pa=first papers,
Na=naturalized) and/or year of naturalization. Ancestry's Citizenship and
Naturalization databases may contain specific index references and, if you
are lucky, selected original documents.

Naturalization records may be obtained >from the USCIS Genealogy Program
or limited documents >from regional branches of National Archives and Records
Administration (NARA)

Bette Stoop Mas
Florida, USA

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