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Carol Raspler

We have never been able to locate anything 'official' about our name change
from REspler to Raspler in the early 1920s, NYC. We think Dad did it for
business purposes - someone might have told him it sounded more American (!)
- but his siblings went along with it. There are no records extant that we
have been able to locate including those in the Courthouse. We think they
simply changed it themselves and poof! we are all Rasplers. If anyone has
any better ideas, please advise.
This is why we are researching the name RESPLER.
Good luck to all,

Carol Raspler
Delray Beach, FL

Original Message >from Judi Zimmer []
I was told that a deceased cousin apparently changed his surname >from
ABRAMOWITZ to ARDEN. He was born in 1914 in Brooklyn. I have his parents'
names, but my source could not tell me when the name change took place.
How would I go about finding the documentation?

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