Family SCHENKELEWSKY #germany

Jack Hubert

My name is Jack Hubert. I am trying to update our family history
on my mother's side of the family. Hopefully a member of the group
can help me. Fanny ROTHSCHILD born 6/3/1867 in the town of Schluchtern
married on 6/14/1893 Harry Zacharias SCHENKELEWSKY.
He was born 3/13/1867. Place of birth unknown.

Fanny passed 2/19/1938. Place of death was Hamburg. Fanny and Harry
SCHENKELEWSKY had six children. Babette, Friedrich, Michel, Manfred,
Issac, and Leo.

I have no other info. I am hoping that a member of the group can
provide me with info.

Thanks. Jack Hubert jackhubert01@...

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