JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Demolition of synagogue Goldne-Roize in Lviv #general

Sol Sylvan <sksylvan@...>

Dear Group, I have just returned >from Lviv Sept. 5. In regard to a recent
posting by Tony Hausner of a reference to an Article by Tom Gross,
"Demolition of synagogue Goldne-Roize in Lviv"

Mr. Gross is mistaken. According to Meylakh Schoychet of Lviv There is not
any demolition of the Synagogue.

The truth is that city has sold a parcel next to the remnants of the
Synagogue that was part of the former Synagogue complex. I have also sent
a notice to The National Post.

Sol Sylvan Issaquah, Wa.

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