JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Searching for Dorothy/Dora Kokoshky/Randzman/Dubin #general


A little background:

Dorothy Kokoshky, born in New York May 1892, married Alexander Randzman
from Warsaw. They had two children, Beatrice and Arthur.
Alexander died in the 1930's, and Dorothy married William E
more kids. William Dubin died in 1948 and his obituary reads: "father of
Beatrice and Arthur, darling grandfather of Gerald, Virginia, Neil, and Allen".

We found out that Beatrice Randzman married Jessie Kirsh and in 1930 they
had one child: Jerry (=Gerald >from the obituary). Jerry married Lillian
Schlaggs, etc...

We found where Alex Randzman is buried, William Dubin, Arthur Rand (changed
his last name). DOROTHY, however, is nowhere to be found! She is not
buried with her parents at Mt Zion in NY, or with her two husbands at Riverside
Cemetery in NJ. We don't even know *when* she died.

So that's the mystery!

Thanks so much in advance for any help in locating Dorothy.

Donna Eschen

P.S. We have already contacted anyone we know who is still alive that would
have known Dorothy. No one knows what happened to her.

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