JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Jewish Names in Selected US State Dept. Files #general

Pamela Jacobs

This is in response to the query about what might be contained in "Selected State
Department Files."

I found a cousin listed in the Jewish Names in Selected US State Dept. Files index
on Jewish Gen. I had no idea what the files might contain, but I wrote to the
address contained in the link and learned that there were 7 pages available >from
the FDR library. The library did not tell me what the subject of the file was (but
I didn't ask, either). I paid the cost of having the pages photocopied and mailed
to me, just because I was curious.

I received the copies a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise, they contained a set of
1938 correspondence between an advocate for my cousin (a teenage refugee >from
Germany sent to Mandatory Palestine who was seeking admission to the U.S. to be
reunited with relatives living here) and the office of the President. There was
even a draft memo and an unsigned copy of a letter >from FDR personally turning down
requests his for admission. [It should be noted that my cousin did finally
again admission to the country, but not until after the entrance of the U.S. into
the war.]

Good luck!

Pamela Ravin Jacobs, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Researching CHARASCH/ CHARASZ Brody,-->Tarnopol-->Indianapolis (HARRIS), Los
Angeles and Montreal; CHARASCH Vienna and Chemnitz, Germany; DICK, Tarnopol;
TAFFET, Tarnopol; RIVIN, Starobin, Belarus; RAPPAPORT, Starobin, Belarus.

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