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Robert Fraser

Dear Colleagues -

I recently ordered and received a thick batch of documents
from the Austrian State Archives. They relate to the
official theft of possessions >from Austrian Jews after 27
April 1938 , but many of the files also contain
correspondence concerning descendant's attempts to reclaim
money stolen >from their parents.

I have established that a cousin not only escaped from
Austria with his life, but was, in 1967, living in the USA,
in Denver, CO ( an attractive place, I'm told!). The
correspondence details his recovery of money and share
portfolios (a process which seems to have taken about five
years!) of his Mother, who died in Treblinka. Although he's
probably no longer with us (he was born in 1890), I would
love to be able to trace his last resting place, and even
perhaps his wife and daughters.

If anyone can assist in any way, please contact me off-list.
I have names and addresses.


Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia
NOWAK; Moravia, Austria, USA and the world: EISINGER;
Moravia, Vienna, USA and the world
NAGEL; Moravia, Vienna, New York: FINKELSTEIN; Galicia, Vienna

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