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David Scriven

First, many thanks to all those 'Genners' who kindly gave their
time and help on this. A 1918 draft card and a 1921 passport
application for Max POMERANZ shows that they were living at 119
St Mark's Place at the time of the 1920 census (The times bracket
the census and the address remains the same). St Mark's Place is
an extension of East 8th St, so the original address (120 E 8th St)
I had was not that far off the mark. In addition, Max owned a
business on E 8th St. Using Stephen Morse's ED finder I found that
it was 31-614. However, Ancestry lists things by 'Assembly Districts',
so I basically looked through until I found 614 in Manhattan Assembly
District 8. 119 St Mark's Place is listed, but there is no sign of
the POMERANZ family. As many people have told me, they are found in
1910 in Union City and in 1930 in Queens. So why were they missed?
- I guess we'll never know.

My question: Max's registration card, dated Sep 12, 1918 shows that he
was an alien (Austria (Galizien)) which surprised me, as the US was at
war with Austria and I would have thought that he would have been
regarded as an 'enemy alien' and not suitable for the draft (he became
a US citizen in 1921). Is it likely that he actually had to join the

David Scriven
Vancouver, Canada

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