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David Laskin wrote;
I just found my maternal grandmother's Ellis Island records and she
lists her town as Krasnice


Minsk in 1921 was not part of Poland, since Eastern Belarus was in
USSR. There are two villages knowan as Krasnica (accented letter 's" and
ending with letter "a", not "e" in Poland.
One Krasnica is located near Konin (Lodz region) at 51deg 28'N 20 deg 14'E and
the other near Opoczno (Kielce area) at 52deg 14'N 18deg 11'E. Both Konin and
Opoczno had large Jewish communities.
Obviously, many small villages were Jewish peole were making living
are not listed as communities, but those localities were situated
close enough to a large centres of the Jewish life to allow people to
participate in the religion services.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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