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To those interested in the Israeli population registry mentioned by Jim Benett --
this registry (for the year 2006) was leaked/hacked into a few years ago, and there
is an investigation still continuing into the incident. The information in the
registry is supposed to be confidential and is not supposed to be publicly
accessible. I heard that following the leak some/many computer-proficient people
obtained/downloaded copies of the registry for themselves, and while some probably
did so for innocuous purposes (like genealogical research) others might have done
so for criminal purposes. I'm not sure where the law stands on people publicising
or making use of the information >from the registry. I'd be interested to know if
anyone comes forward and volunteers information >from the registry publicly!

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel.

Researching: BULWAR (Lodz, Krakow); FRENKIEL (Belz, Krakow); KALUSZYNER,
KRYSKA, LICHTENSZTAJN (Sieradz, Lodz); WAKS, BEKER (Nowe Miasto nad Pilica).

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