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Linda Shefler

For a few years I used GEDClean32 to clean my gedcoms of information on living
people prior to uploading them to MyHeritage. What I liked about GEDClean32 is
that it removed all information on living people while retaining just their names.
If I use the privacy factor for living people on MyHeritage they are then just
listed as <Living>, and I like to have the name there. My computer crashed earlier
this year and my new one uses Windows 7. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with
GEDClean32. I have several updated trees I want to add to MyHeritage, but can't
because I can't clean them. I have tried repeatedly to contact GEDClean32 and
while in the beginning they were very responsive, they now no longer respond. Does
anyone have experience using GEDClean32 with Windows7 and if so, can you clue me in
as to what to do. If not, does anyone have experience with a similar program that
they are happy with and can recommend?

I have made so much progress with my research this year and cannot share it which
is very frustrating! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Please respond
privately unless the information will be helpful to others.

As always, many thanks.
Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod Ha Sharon

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