German Section of the JOWBR [JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry] #germany

E Feinstein

This is Eric Feinstein. I am a volunteer for the JOWBR. We have made a
special effort to add German records >from many corners (sources) over
the past few years. As of the last update we have 1280 cemeteries with
some 240,929 burials indexed for Germany.
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This number does not include the former German areas of Poland
where we have indexed some 88 cemeteries with a further 25,717 burials.

More is on the way. That said there are many large record sets that
we have not succeeded in making headway. This includes large cemeteries
in Frankfurt am Main, Hannover, Munich, Leipzig and others.

Any assistance would be appreciated, especially >from anyone in Germany
open to lobbying on our behalf. Just a note that "help" does not
include sending us email, phone or contact information --but it does
include using that same information to make the call for us. Big Smile.
Happy Hunting.

All the best, Eric Feinstein, New Jersey

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