Major Breakthrough - GRUENHUT / GRUNHUT (u umlaut) #germany

Henry Lobbenberg <hank.lobben@...>

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Over the past weekend I finally completed a puzzle in my Lobbenberg family
tree. A few years ago, Peter Rohel sent me a link to the gru (umlaut)nhut
line. [ GRUENHUT / GRUNHUT u umlaut ]
My mother was Betty G. but I was stymied in my search for ancestors. The
link he sent connected my father to a sixteenth century man and then further
Through contact with a third cousin, Fred Greenhut, I was able to add his
ancestors to my tree and discover that a brother of his great grandfather
was my 2nd great grandfather.
This breakthrough means that my parents were very distantly related.

Henry (Hank) Lobbenberg, Toronto, ON, Canada hank.lobben@...

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