JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: WW 2 Enlistment Card #general

Lawrence Weintraub

Thank you to the folks who wrote with assistance on interpreting WW 2
Enlistment Cards including a link to search on NARA
<,sl >
and a very useful description/detail on the cards themselves
< >.

It is ironic that the card I received >from NARA/NPRC in St. Louis,
they couldn't define the fields whereas on the links >from NARA College
Park they defined the fields but my father's card was not searchable.
Since I have the card image and now had the field descriptions, I was
able to identify and interpret the information sought.

Thank you all.

Lawrence Weintraub
Hicksville, NY

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 Lawrence Weintraub wrote:
As many of you searching for WW2 Army records for family have found,
they were mostly destroyed in a fire in St. Louis many years ago. I
had ordered "reconstructed" records which consisted of the pay voucher
upon my father's discharge and an IBM punch card when he enlisted. A
copy (sorry for the poor scan quality) is linked. While I can read
most of the punched numbers, I cannot ascertain the data fields to
know what they mean and the National Personnel Records Center which
sent them was of no help. I am looking for a maven on these cards who
can identify the fields themselves, beyond the obvious name, rank and
serial number.

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