New Project: Surname adoptions west of the Rhine--in French! #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear all:

Here's another project based on records available via

The NALDEX project has indexed/transcribed the contents of
surname-adoption registers >from Prussia and Lippe-Detmold, and more such
will be added soon. These registers had one line for each household,
though they sometimes mentioned more than one person.

In what's today's Germany west of the Rhine, Jewish surname adoption
took place in 1808 following Napoleon's Decree of Bayonne. The records
of these events are scattered all over the region, many of them still in
the local registry offices that have maintained civil registration since

Fortunately, several thousand of them are preserved on films that has put on line. They differ >from other
surname-adoption lists in several ways:

1) There is an entry for each person in a family.

2) They are written out instead of being in printed tables.

3) They often contain the dates and places of birth for children.

4) They are usually in French.

So, for those of you who would help out were it not for the difficulty
of German language and script, here's your chance! Most of these records
are fairly legible and in handwriting that anyone would recognize today.

If you'd like to help out, please write to me at this email address.
Please let me know if there's a particular region you'd like to work on.

Also: if you have copies of *other* lists of this type, please let me
know. They, too, should be transcribed and indexed. What's on film is a
fraction of the whole.

I look forward to hearing >from you!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA  research coordinator, GerSIG

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