JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Russian and Romanian translators needed #general


The Romania-Moldova SIG is looking for people who are fluent in Russian
or Romanian to work on a records indexing project for vital records >from Chisnau
Kishinev), Beltsy (Bel'tsy) or Izmayil (Izmail) formerly in
Bessarabia now in Moldova or the Ukraine. We will also be adding Bender (Bendery)
records soon.

The Romanian vital records are >from Hertsa Romania now Gersta Ukraine.

These records are >from various years starting about 1860 to 1906 and
include birth, marriage and death records. (Not all years are included.)

This work requires that you have a recent version of Excel or compatible
spreadsheet on your computer, that you have the ability to receive graphic
images in JPEG format and that you can transliterate the records >from Russian
or Romanian.

The vital records need to be entered into an Excel template so that this
file can be converted to a searchable database on the JewishGen Romania
Database web site.

Contact me at robertw252@... if you are interested in volunteering to
help with these projects.

Please fill out the Romania-Moldova SIG Survey so we can find out what your
interests are.

Bob Wascou
Romania-Moldova SIG Research Coordinator

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