Re: Name changes #germany


This is in response to Hansmartin Unger's question. I know >from another
branch of my family, who immigrated at the beginning of the 20th century,
that one did not have to register name changes at that time. My family had a
name with a connotation which they didn't like (Klots/Klutz), and somehow
they all agreed to change the name to something with more illustrious
sounding heritage (Kalish). Most of them changed the name "when we got off
the boat", meaning they simply lived as Kalish, and there was no need to
officially change the name. Nowadays this wouldn't work.

Ellen Stepak, Ramat Gan, Israel

MODERATOR REMINDER: Authorities agree that names were ** not ** changed
by immigration workers at Ellis Island. The names recorded on ships'
passenger lists were passed on to the U.S.A. immigration records.

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