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Lynne Schneider

Dear Genners, First, a very Happy New Year to all.

I am hoping that the group can assist me with breaking down, or at
least cracking, the brick wall I have been butting my head against for
a very long time. The Problem: I have searched in vain for the
immigration record for my mother's paternal grandfather, Benjamin
ESCHEN (1859-1931) >from Vaslui, Romania. His name on any manifest
might have been JASON. He must have arrived in the U.S. no later than
December, 1901 since I have manifests showing his two oldest children
stating that they are joining their father. By the 1910 census the
name was and has remained most definitely ESCHEN, although the 1920
census does show the name spelled ASHON, I have chalked that up as a
census taker mistake, since the 1930 census clearly has them listed
again as ESCHEN.

Information I have found (there is no doubt that this is my family):

S.S. Pennsylvania Manifest as well as the Record of Detained Alien
Passengers list, sailing >from Hamburg, arriving December 7, 1901,
arriving at the Port of New York, listing Leon and Lea (who eventually
became Louis and Lena) JASON (ESCHEN), >from Vaslui, Romania. These
lists indicate that they were going to their father, Benjamin (clearly
written on the Detained Alien Passenger list) JASON.
S.S. Rio Negro sailing >from Havre on 6 Sept 1902, arriving at Port of
New York on 18 Sept 1902. Listed are Chaje (Clara), Kane (Katie),
Ruchel (Rose), Nachman (Nathan), Morris (Murray and my mothers father),
and Sulim (Samuel) ASCHEN.
This family is >from Vaslui, Romania and were going to Chajes husband,
Penzije ASCHEN c/o Louis PERLMUTTER at Chrystie Street. The Record of
Detained Alien Passengers list very clearly shows that Chaje ASCHEN and
5 children were waiting for husband Benjamin.

U.S. Census for 1910 shows The ESCHEN family (Benny, Clara, Louis, Kate,
Rosie, Nathan, Morris, Samuel, and a border named Max) living at East
114th Street, New York, NY. Although this census indicates that Max's
surname was ESCHEN, I believe that to be another census taker's error.
Family lore states that Morris (Murray -- my maternal grandfather) was
very annoyed that he could not obtain his own naturalization papers
since he received citizenship through his father. That would indicate
that Benjamin became a U.S. citizen at some point, but I have not found
any documents supporting that claim. However, I did locate a Bureau of
Immigration and Naturalization Declaration of Intention for Louis ESCHEN,
dated 11 Dec 1911.
There are no family members now living who might know how Mr. Perlmutter
was related, actually or figuratively, to the ESCHEN (JASON/ASCHEN)
family. I have a 1900 Census showing a Louis PALMMITA (probably
PERLMUTTER) and family living at Chrystie Street in New York City but
there is no mention of my relative.

I have searched the Hamburg Passenger Lists and the manifests for
arrivals at Philadelphia and Boston -- no joy. I have many documents post
1910 showing the ESCHEN family as it grew and spread out. I have no idea
of Benjamin had siblings.

I am hoping that the group could provide me with any suggestions as to
what tool I need to break down my wall -- specifically, when did Benjamin
ESCHEN arrive in the United States?

Thank you all for your time.

Lynne Schneider (Los Angeles, CA)
ESCHEN, HYMOWITZ (Vaslui, Romania),
SCHNEIDER (Skole, Poland)

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