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Dear Cousins!
I have two original documents that do not belong to me or my family in any
way. They were inside a book of music that I found at a Flea Market here in
Italy. I would be more then glad to send them to any family members who
recognize these people. The documents are:

The translation of the original Birth certificate, for Jacob Chajak, son of
Salomon Chajak and Hermine Nowak. He was born in "Brunn" on June 10, 1900. The
certificate is in PORTUGUESE and is dated October 15,1946, >from San Paolo

The translation of what I believe is a power of attorney of Jacob Chajak and
his wife Clara Chajak, to Meszaros Dezso, "hungarian, resident of Budapest",
dated Oct. 14, 1946. This too is in Portuguese, and I have no idea how it got
to Italy!

On request I will scan the documents, before sending.

Jean Bennett Giorgetti
San Mauro Pascoli

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