JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: JGS meetings and sharing presentations #general

Merle Kastner <merlek@...>

Dear all,

Gladys Paulin has made a valid point and several suggestions that
should be helpful to genealogists in smaller communities - please
see below:

Merle Kastner

Having said that, the best lectures are usually those that get revised and
updated regularly until they are accepted for presentation at State,
National, and International conferences, many of which are there taped and
available for purchase. Many of these conferences have their full program
posted online for several months in advance, and often for years afterward.
Go to to see the lectures for the past two years
(links are on the current conference page for Paris). That is for the major
Jewish conferences. Also check out available tapes for the National
Genealogical Society (or equivalent in your country) and the Federation of
Genealogical Societies. Certainly they have lectures on vital records and
research for many countries and ethnic groups--even for Jewish research

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