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Nicole Heymans <fc473099@...>

Good work Arnold!

Nikfluss (Stickfluss) Stroke, Apoplectic fit, Apoplexy
Nikhusten (Stickhusten) Whooping cough, Pertussis

It should indeed be Stickfluss and Stickhusten. Stickfluss (according
to the 1905 Sachs-Villatte German-French dictionary) is suffocating
catarrhe or pulmonary apoplexy. The verb "sticken" means to stifle
(or to embroider!)

Brustssbel Pulmonary or Chest infection
Entzssndung Inflammation
Frsshzeitig Premature, Untimely

In several instances such as the examples above, ss should be
replaced by u umlaut or ue.

The initial St in old German can easily be mistaken for N. Something
similar might have been the case for Nachfluss. If anyone has access
to the Kepno films, and would like to check, the following death
records have "Nachfluss" as cause of death:

Film 742975:
1827 D 49; 1835 D 8; 1835 D 14.
Film 742977:
1842 D 9; 1842 D 14; 1842 D 19; 1842 D 114; 1846 D 91.

All these records are for babies and very young children.

"Lungschluss" appears only in film 742975 1833 D 18 and was probably misread.

And if anyone cares to complete the list, there were some death
causes that this indexer could make no sense of. Anyone so inclined,
please get in touch offlist.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

"Arnold Chamove" <ArnoldChamove@...> wrote:

Been trying to find meanings for these death causes for several years
(still missing two) and thought I would share what I have found. These
are >from a list of Jewish deaths in Kempen, Prussia (now Kepno, Poland)
1825-47, so relevant to JewishGen

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